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  • Government Program
  • Get a Free or Subsidized Phone
  • Up to 250 free cell phone minutes
  • For low income families and individuals
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Budget Mobile

Budget Mobile Lifeline provides free cell phones to Lifeline participants. Budget Mobile Lifeline initially offered free phones in six states but now they have expanded to 30 states. The company is continually trying to gain new certifications and expand its network nationwide. You can start your application for a government-subsidized phone by simply entering your zip code in the form on top of page. You can also read more details about Budget Mobile Lifeline below.

Areas covered by Budget Mobile Lifeline

Budget Mobile Lifeline covers only a few states but the company offers its services nationwide by using one of the largest networks in the U.S. To find out more about services area of Budget Mobile Lifeline, visit this page. You will find two maps here. The first map gives you details of nationwide coverage offered by the company. The second map shows where Budget Mobile Lifeline operates currently and where it plans to expand in near future.

Benefits offered by Budget Mobile Lifeline for qualified subscribers

Budget Mobile Lifeline offers free cell phones to its customers if they qualify for Lifeline program. Lifeline participants receive 250 free minutes each month. The company offers pre-paid services but doesn’t require you to sign a service contract. Customers won’t have to worry about bills or other surprises which are often come with service contracts. Budget Mobile Lifeline allows customers to purchase extra calling minutes and text messages by selecting any discounted Lifeline plan.

With Budget Mobile Lifeline, customers get the following benefits.

  • Free government-subsidized cell phones

  • 250 free minutes every month

  • Nationwide coverage and free long distance calls

  • No bills, activation fee, service contract, or surcharges

Budget Mobile Lifeline offers three different plans that help customers pick the plan that suits their needs. Details for each plan are provided below.

Default Plan

Cost: Free

Minutes: 250

Text messages: 250

Plan 1

Cost: $5 / month

Minutes: 350

Text messages: Unlimited

Data: 50MB

Plan 2

Cost: $10 / month

Minutes: 500

Text messages: Unlimited

Data: 250MB

Plan 3

Cost: $20 / month

Minutes: 1000

Text messages: Unlimited

Data: 400MB

Plan 4

Cost: $30 / month

Minutes: Unlimited

Text messages: Unlimited

Data: 500MB

For unlimited minutes, there is a fair use policy in place. You can read terms and conditions for details.

You can find more information about Budget Mobile Lifeline by visiting its homepage.

How to Qualify for Budget Mobile Lifeline

If you want to receive a free phone from Budget Mobile Lifeline, you will need to meet eligibility requirements. These requirements vary from state to state so you will need to check eligibility for your state. Some states may use income-based eligibility while other states may require applicants to be participants of other programs such as Federal Housing Assistance, National School Lunch, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, SSI, Food Stamps (SNAP), or Medicaid.

Before you proceed, you must check if Budget Mobile Lifeline provides coverage and services in your state. You can see the coverage map (found here) for more details.

Finally, you need to provide your residential address to receive the free phone. As per program directions, each address gets only one phone for Lifeline Assistance Program. To submit your applications for Budget Mobile Lifeline, you can visit and start online application.


Budget Prepay Inc.

1325, Barksdale, Blvd Bossier City,

LA, 71111

Phone: 888 777 4007

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