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  • Government Program
  • Get a Free or Subsidized Phone
  • Up to 250 free cell phone minutes
  • For low income families and individuals
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Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless provides free phone to Lifeline subscribers. You can also receive your free phone if you meet eligibility for Assurance Wireless and it provides services in your area. You can check that by entering zip code for your state in the form on top of the page. Once you enter your zip, you will also find out other providers who may be offering services under Lifeline program in your area.

Assurance Wireless is the second largest Lifeline phone provider in the country after Safelink. The company provides Lifeline mobiles for Virgin Mobile USA, which is a subsidy of Sprint Nextel Corporation. The company offers 250 free local and long-distance minutes each month to Lifeline subscribers. Assurance Wireless doesn’t offer text messaging with free minutes for Lifeline program like the other competitors such as TracFone is offering.

Coverage area for Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless covers only a few states with its own network but the company uses Sprint network to provide its services nationwide.

Benefits offered by Assurance Wireless for Lifeline customers

Assurance Wireless provides free cell phones and airtime to eligible customers. Participants will receive 250 free minutes of airtime every month and they can roll over unused minutes to next month. The customers don’t have to sign any long-term contract or activation fees. The services are pre-paid so there are no bills to pay if you use only the minutes offered to you.

You can also add minutes to your package if you need more than 250 minutes each month. There are many options that you can use to top-up.

  • You can buy a $5 Talk package that will add 500 total minutes (250 additional minutes of airtime) in just $5 per month.

  • You can also buy $20 Talk and Text package that will give you 1000 free minutes (750 additional minutes of airtime) and 1000 free text messages for the entire month.

  • You can purchase as many additional minutes as many you need for just 10c per minute. Similarly, you can buy additional text messages at a similar rate.

  • You can get 200 text messages by toping up $5.

  • 411 services are available through Assurance Wireless Lifeline program. The cost for each 411 call is $1.75 + standard airtime charges for every call.

  • Participants can also enjoy international calls at discounted rates.

  • Participants will also receive additional services such as mobile web, graphics, and games at great rates.

If you pay $30 each month, you can enjoy Assurance Wireless’ new package. This new package offers unlimited talk, text, and web for Lifeline participants.

How to qualify for Assurance Wireless

If you are looking to receive Lifeline benefits through Assurance Wireless, you will need to meet eligibility requirements. The eligibility may be different for different states which means you will need to check eligibility guidelines depending on the state where you live. In most states, applicants will need to meet a program-based eligibility that requires applicants to participate in state funded programs such as SNAP (Food Stamps), SSI, Medicaid etc. In other states, the eligibility is based on income. You will need to meet income guidelines in that case to qualify for Lifeline Program through Assurance Wireless.

Assurance Wireless is available in the following 32 states.

To apply for Assurance wireless Lifeline program, applicants will need to provide various documents that will be used primarily for verifying your eligibility for the program. You will also need to provide your mailing address for participating in Lifeline program. The program provides one cell phone for one residential address. If you meet program requirements, you can apply by downloading an application from this link. Alternatively, you can call at 1 888 898 4888.

Assurance Wireless

PO Box 686

Parsippany, NJ, 07054

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